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Your Ring

How do you put on your ring, up or down e.g. the S&C?

  • Up

    Votes: 31 27.0%
  • Down

    Votes: 70 60.9%
  • Don't use one

    Votes: 14 12.2%

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The position of one's ring's seems to come down to A brother's personal preference or it was passed on to him by someone that he admires in the fraternity, I personal wear my point's down, but would never tell another Brother he has his on incorrect, I am going to fully accept his reason for wearing it the way he want's, the one main goal that we should all have in common when it come's to wearing our Ring's is to wear them with, RESPECT, PRIDE AND HONORfor the Oath and Obligation we all have taken BECAUSE REGARDLESS OF "WHAT DIRECTION " we wear them, only our Oath's and Obligation make's us what we proudly proclaim to be, Freemason's


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or as one of my FMRC buddies says... he wears his so that when it leaves a mark on someone face everyone knows a mason hit him

JUST KIDDING, ITS FUNNY and/or Im a little punchy having to be a work today


G. Lopez, PM
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I wear my S&C on my right hand ring finger with the points of the Compass pointing down (away from me).


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I wear mine with the points turned towards me. I was taught there is no right or wrong way, however I can:

- Wear them facing out to show the world that I am a Mason.

- Wear them facing in to remind myself I am a Mason.

It all depends.


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I wear mine, points down.
"Points on the ground, Points on the ground, Lookin kinda cool with the points on the ground"!!! :SNC:


Some UGLE Brethren do wear S&C rings, but it's not a majority habit over here.

I don't wear one, but if I did then I think I'd probably wear it so that the S&C were the right way up for someone else to see, i.e. the points towards my fingertip.

T & F,


Ashton Lawson

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I wear mine with the points out. It never really occurred to me to wear it with the points in at me.

Interesting discussion topic.


Ben Rodriguez

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I remember once at a pawn shop, trying on a Masonic ring and being questioned/corrected by the profane individual on the other side of the glass: "Are you a Mason?" "You're wearing it the wrong way, I was told the proper way to wear it by a 32nd degree Mason!" - I chuckled and said: "Ok, thanks!" :)

peace out

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I guess someone voted cause this popped up in my New Post search. Nonetheless...

At A&M, students who had not graduated yet are encouraged to wear rings with the symbols facing them, and then to turn them around once graduating.


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I've also heard that it should be worn with the points facing toward you if you've never been in the East, and points away from you if you have, so symbolize how you see the S&C in lodge.


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Points out. And thanks to my pointer and middle fingers all being the same size, I can wear my ring on any one of them. But usually it's on the middle right. Goes on the left if I wear my Texas Tech class ring.

Timothy Fleischer

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There is no "proper" way to wear the ring.

"Masonry and The Mason," a Texas GL publication, has a passage on the ring.

The ring is not what makes a man a Mason. His behavior is what does it.

In that pamphlet is a brief explanation about how a brother could wear his and why he might wear it that way. Wearing it with the points of the compass pointing toward the end of the ring finger could be done when we want others to know we are Masons. This is typically how I wear mine. Wearing it with the points of the compass pointing toward the base of the hand could be done when we want to remind ourselves of our obligations and that we belong to the Fraternity. I do this when my thoughts and actions are less than stellar, as a reminder that I am a good man trying to a better one.

No matter what, a ring, a bumper sticker, suspenders, ties, hats, pins. fancy aprons or elaborate officers' jewels don't make any of us Masons. The obligation makes us a Mason.
Tim Fleischer
Salado Masonic Lodge #296


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My masonic ring don't have a S&C on it. I have a ring with our lodge emblem, and one for chapter with letters and red crosses.
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