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Your Ring

How do you put on your ring, up or down e.g. the S&C?

  • Up

    Votes: 31 27.0%
  • Down

    Votes: 70 60.9%
  • Don't use one

    Votes: 14 12.2%

  • Total voters


Some thoughts on wearing the ring:

Some wear the ring with the points of the compasses facing them to remind them of their obligations.

Some wear it with the compasses pointed out to proclaim their membership to those they meet.

Others wear it with the square & compasses in the direction they last saw them from the Alter. (i.e. WM and PM would wear the points "out" as seen from the East)

Their is no "wrong" way to wear the ring as long as your actions while wearing it do it - and the Fraternity - credit.

Christian D. Moore, PM


"Up" and "Down" are relative terms; would suggest rewording to be more specific. I wear mine with the point of the compasses facing me (i.e. upright from my perspective).


I wear mine with the points facing out, but mostly as a sign that it is the correct way, at least it think, to represent our proud fraternity and also a sign of respect to my grandfather since it is his ring that I am wearing. Not to mention those who have come before me and have traversed on ahead of me to meet the grand architect of the universe.


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I have not gotten mine yet and not sure when I will, I have been married 7 years and am just now getting used to that ring. I am not much on jewlery but I will end up with on I am sure. I bought one along time ago and found out my skin does not mix with cheap metal so had to retire it and never went back for another.


"Just in case"
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open towards me.

i just kind of put it on, though... so sometimes it goes the other way.

Weldon Cressman

Well, my ring is a "Combo" ring, i.e. MM, 32 SR and Shrine, so thre isn't a S&C showing on top, .. the S&C is on one side. If I did have a traditional S&C ring, I would wear the ring with the compass legs away from me. No reason other than I think it would be more recognizable to all who looked at it in that orientation.


Johnny Joe Combs
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I have been taught that, symbolically, a man wears his ring with the points outward to tell the World he is a Mason. He wears it with the points toward him to remind himself that he is a Mason. Most Brothers around my parts wear theirs with to points outward. In my younger days, on several occasions I put my ring in my pocket. It was not right, but it was respectful. Or at least I thought I was at the time. Hopefully my ashlar has become a little smoother over the years.