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Favorite Degree?

Favorite Degree?

  • EA

    Votes: 24 26.4%
  • FC

    Votes: 35 38.5%
  • MM

    Votes: 32 35.2%

  • Total voters

Blake Bowden

Staff Member
For me, probably the EA. It was a weird feeling for me. I was nervous as heck, yet felt right at home with my soon-to-be brothers. Everything was fresh and unexpected. Second would be the Masters. Besides the appendant bodies, sometimes I wish there were more Degrees. With each Degree you experienced new things, learned new lessons etc. Kinda miss it ;)

Brother Secretary

FC - same reason as Brother Jones. And it's all about education and developing as a complete man. No surprise, I confer the FCs at Parsons and am a long standing member of the 30th Degree Team at Austin Scottish Rite (those not SR Masons, there are significant parallels between 2nd & 30th)

Jon D. Smith

Registered User
MM- By the time I reached that stage, I was more relaxed and focused on the lesson that was being conveyed. I was still quite nervous during the EA (especially) and the FC.
Going back and watching the two previous two, new aspects came into view about what was being conveyed, things that I missed while being the main participant. I've been told that as time progresses, increased understanding may come forth by watching the degrees again.


Premium Member
Going through it was the EA but I love doing a Masters. The lessons talked about in the lecture are ones I think about a lot. Sad thing is each one is special.

Dave in Waco

Premium Member
As a candidate I felt the EA was quite overwelming. It's all so new and so much to take in, I could have promised the Lodge my firstborn and still not realize it.
FC is my favorite to confer because of the symbolism involved in it.

In all, I've really enjoyed working in the degrees. I've been involved in some memorable ones.


Registered User
I appreciated all three and all three left a great impression with me but much more so after I was able to see them from the seats. I love participating in all the degrees in any position. I like acting as MC in an EA because that preparation time prior to * * * is a solemn time..


Premium Member
My MM was most special to me bc of my friend and brother Jimmy Rumsey who was our WM at the time who conferred all of my degrees. He had a sign printed reserving my deceased fathers usual seat in lodge. And slipped me my dads SC ring right after I took my obligation. I'm usually a wordsmith by nature. But could hardly speak that night. Ill never forget any of that degree.


Premium Member
FC ... Golden Rule reception. The key to humanity.

Should have solved every question for all with an attentive ear.


Premium Member
I still like the fact that the Ea degree was the start of the journey, a journey that i don't think can ever be compleated. The perfect ashler is a goal that is always just out of reach, something we can grasp but never hold


Registered User
While I enjoy all the degrees, but when I watch the FC degree I pick up something new and interesting every single time.

Timothy Fleischer

Registered User

As a candidate, I would say the EA degree because it was so completely new to me. I had a great team of men give me all three degrees.

I was fortunate enough this year to confer the Master's degree on my young (20 year old) nephew. What a pleasure and honor for me!

It seems to me that we have shortened the degree lectures since I was initiated, passed and raised. I think this may be a disservice to the newly initiated, passed and raised Masons. I understand that it makes for a long night, but for the candidate, they should be given as much light as the lodge can bestow.

Making it "easy" to become a Mason may not be the best thing for the Fraternity. We should emphasize quality, not quantity.

Tim Fleischer
PM Salado Masonic Lodge #296


Premium Member
Tim, it was also an awesome job you did conferring this degree, I am sure that Mason is happy that you did this and he will remember this for the rest of his life.


Registered User
Now that I've been through the Blue Lodge degrees, I have to say I enjoyed the MM the most. It was a moving experience! And besides that, my cousin, who was an alterboy at my wedding was the Tiler for my MM degree, which made it very special, since I had no idea he would be there beforehand. I told him afterwards that he had been there for the two most important nights of my life. However, I find the FC to be the most beautiful. The EA was exciting and mysterious. They are almost like children. You love them all for different reasons, but it is impossible to say you love one more than the other.