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Favorite Degree?

Favorite Degree?

  • EA

    Votes: 24 26.4%
  • FC

    Votes: 35 38.5%
  • MM

    Votes: 32 35.2%

  • Total voters


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The northern jurisdiction has re-written its degrees several times in the past ... the same moral lessons taught with different (usually American and more modern themes.) I have read most of them and do not take them to be less offensive. Rather more to the understanding of today's membership.

Many of my fellow brethren here in the southern jurisdiction consider the re-writes akin to blasphemy. "Thou shall not change the work but abideth by each stroke from the hand of Albert Pike." Liberties, though glossed over from Pike's pen, are not to be tolerated.

Again, I'm somewhat ambivalent to the charge.


Bro. Vincent

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The SW in my lodge does the entire MC lecture during the FC degree. It's beautiful to see and hear. Every time he does it in a district degree setting he gets an standing ovation. He doesn't shorten anything, not one word.

It is absolute impressive. I love the EA degree but I also love his rendition of that...

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Order of the temple. The most meaningful degree I've been through next to the masters degree.

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FC, I was enthralled by the staircase lecture. I was moved by the fact that these men were putting on this elaborate display just for little old me. The night really changed me I think. The MM was also thrilling but I was a little more ready for it.

Ed Nelson

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The EA degree holds a deep place in my heart. It was the start of my masonic journey, and the newness and strangeness of what was happening makes is special to me.

The MM is my favorite. The ritual is deeply meaningful and I feel I became a true master mason the night I was raised.

Conversely, the FC degree is my least favorite. The long lecture of the staircase and the rest of the degree just doesn't grab me at all.


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Looking back, what was your favorite degree?


I think the most memorable was EA for sure. Yes, the MM degree was great and I didn't know what to expect exactly, but the EA really was something due to the fact that I didn't really have a clue what was going to happen. I think I will always remember them but the EA sticks out the most for sure. Absolutely nervous, but I kept thinking about my great-grandfather, both of my grandfathers and my dad as well. They all had done it and they are all great guys. It was very special.


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Again it was spoiled for me as I knew much of the material from knowledge passed on. My favorite was FC it was the most fun for me.

Sorry to hear you had a lot of knowledge already. That must have really taken away a lot of the mystery of what was going to happen.