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  • we meet every second Monday for stated, and we meet every Monday night and Wednesday morning for study. My phone is listed. I would be able to meet with you just about time and show you our lodge. Try to bring George Evans with you.
    Hello, my name is Dennis Reader. I am the Senior Warden at League City Lodge # 1053.
    I will be in the Fredricksburg area on the 23rd Is your lodge doing anything.
    my email address is my phone # 713-553-8917.
    Thank you.
    College Station, TX - I'd be happy to visit with you someday. Thanks for the message,

    Thank you for the welcome my Brother. I am sorry I am getting it too late to attend. I must pay better attention to what happens on this site. Many apologies
    hi iwant to become member of ur organization can u guide me to whom i have to contact n how ill become member of ur organization??
    I did, I sent a email off to the brother that was wanting a hat band also and have not heard back from him. The hat band he currently has I would guess is an 1'. I liked what you described, I think it will look awesome. Run with it and if the brother decides that isn't what he wants I'll buy it and keep it in a safe place for another hat down the road.
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