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Should individual lodges be able to serve alcohol?

Should individual lodges be permitted to serve alcohol, in the lodge building.

  • YES!

    Votes: 27 75.0%
  • No

    Votes: 9 25.0%

  • Total voters


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Before the disaster of prohibition, individual lodges in the USA, had the option of serving alcohol. In George Washington's time, at refreshments, they passed a jug around. Brother George ran a distillery.

In nearly all countries where Masonry is practiced, alcohol is available in the lodges. Only in the USA, are (some, but not all )lodges "dry".

What do YOU think? Should we return to the splendid tradition of having wine/beer/liquor in our lodges?

(This poll is for discussion ONLY, I am not interested in changing the policies of any lodge or Grand Lodge.
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Glen Cook

G A Cook
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I recollect temperance lodges in England in the last 12 years. I am aware of US GLs which allow alcohol.


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I think it would be fine, with a few ground rules (partly for peace and harmony, partly to comply with law). I think hard liquors would be best left alone (though I thoroughly enjoy my whiskeys), but beer and wine, if served AFTER a meeting, would be excellent!


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I rather like the tradition of toasts with drink at Table Lodge. I think it hilarious when done with juice. But your jurisdiction, your rules. I rather like the California rules on how to have beer and wine available after the tiled meeting is over or at events where the lodge is not tiled. But that's only 1 of my 3 jurisdictions.

The rules have to follow state law so they need to be different in each state. I rather like that brothers in my Texas lodge tend to go have a beer after some of our meetings. So you don't have to allow drink on our premises or in our meetings for it to happen. Arguably the Shrine emerged as a result of drink being banned at the blue lodge level in most/all of the US around a century ago.


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I visit a lodge in Fredericksburg VA, when I am able. After the meeting is over, some of the men will walk a block down the street to a tavern, and enjoy a brew. I once visited a lodge in Florida, which adjourned and then we strolled to a nearby tavern.

I believe sincerely, that we can return to the tradition of the moderate use of alcohol in our lodge buildings. Maybe brandy and cigars after the meeting. Or beer and wine with the festive board.

We are all adults, and I believe sincerely, that we can enjoy beverages in moderation.


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I do not see a problem. If a lodge has a license to serve alcohol, then each person will have to show ID, that they are of legal majority. In fraternal organizations, they have family events, where alcohol is served.

Bill Lins

Moderating Staff
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I rather like that brothers in my Texas lodge tend to go have a beer after some of our meetings. So you don't have to allow drink on our premises or in our meetings for it to happen.

That's how we handle it @ my Lodge. We have some Brethren who do not drink or care to be around those who do. By leaving the Lodge premises, those Brethren can leave without offending or being offended. The rest of us walk next door to a restaurant where we can fellowship over adult beverages & cigars. Works well for everyone.


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Everything we do teaches us something. Spending an evening drinking with friends teaches one way to enjoy life. Spending an evening not drinking with our Brothers teaches us another way to enjoy life.

I do not believe that spending one evening a month without drinking should constitute a hardship for any good man. If it does then perhaps they should join one of the fraternal drinking clubs.

Bro. Stewart P.M.

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Personally speaking, the Lodge is not the place for drinking. For me, Lodge is for being with like minded Brethren working in harmony together in the Quarries. Now, that being said I DO enjoy good cigars and frosty beverages with friends... there are other times and places for just that.

Just my thoughts on the question.


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Minnesota allows alcohol in the building, just not in the actual lodge room itself. We retire downstairs after lodge for a couple of beverages. This is a university town, and we found that it was difficult to fellowship in any of the bars downtown, because they are just too loud in the evenings.


KOP Council director / Lodge instructor
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I'm for it as long as it's downstairs after all other business is adjourned

Dontrell Stroman

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I'm speaking on what I have observed. There are pictures of freemasons on social media sites while holding alcoholic beverages with Masonic emblems on while in a club. What are your thoughts on this ?

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