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Masonic Podcasts

The Fraternal Gentleman

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Greetings Gentlemen, if anyone was curious there are many informational Masonic Podcasts. Below is a List of the ones I'm aware of if anyone was interested:

So far Keepers of the Word is my favorite:


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There a LOT more out there. Two of the ones that I really enjoy are the Whence Came You (WCY) podcast and the Masonic Roundtable podcast. A quick Google search will bring up a long list of options for podcasts about Freemasonry.


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I always have difficulty calling youtube channels podcasts. There are those that post audio only on youtube, but is not something the platform was meant to do. And its not how people usually consume podcasts. I love podcast while on the road. Many of the ones on the site arent on iTunes which is weird. And there are several on iTunes that arent on youtube. I expect the same to apply to other podcast platforms like stitcher. Just my two cents…

Fraternal greetings!

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Greetings brothers. Im am Damascus 62 out of South Carolina. Im am a traveling carpenter. It's hard to stay in meetings due to intense traveling. Would the podcast be away for me to stay inform and find more light? Are would it be recommend to find a lodge where ever I travel and greet the brothers this way? I truly miss the meeting of the brothers.