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How to Join


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The ONLY way to become a Free and Accepted Mason is to be accepted by a Lodge. So if a Lodge has rejected an applicant he would have to try again and if after 2 attempts has failed he would have to accept the fact.
After five years here in Maine.


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How much of a finical obligation is becoming a Master Mason? Should this be an obstacle that scares me?

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Only for you to know....outside of the USA

Panamá: 360 yearly.
Spain: around the euros.....
México: 110 $ yearly....



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My 2 cents is... With all the harmones, operations, and all it takes to change your gender, you wouldnt have enough time or space in your mind for what it takes to become, and go through.

Plus if you were not a MAN at birth, you are not qlalified. And if you convinced a lodge you were a man (dam good operation) and were found out, you could possibly be removed.

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That's not freemasonry
Of course not,...but It's another way...

Became a better person and transforming lead in gold is not property of freemasonry....along the history there were a lot of philosophical schools...and freemasonry is simply one more....

Everyways leads to Rome....said the Romans.



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Because it is against one of Masonic landmarks. Regular Masonry is a FRATERNITY. The same reason men are not allowed in SORORITIES. It's just that simple.

Mike Martin

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I want to know why female can't join to be a freemason ?

Thanks for answer.
They can, they just cannot join the men-only fraternity. In my country there are Lodges of Lady Masons that you could join if you lived here.

dorwin thuga

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Well in namibia I have been trying my best to locate the masons but it's not easy please help me with someone you know anyone?