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  • I just spoke with the person that is in charge at Eastham unit, she said that the craft shop has had to close several days during the week because of the heat. I will keep you informed as to the progress.
    Hugh did you get me email? I am going to place this order hopefully this afternoon. I would like your thoughts about what I sent. If you did not receive it let me know.
    T2wo questions; 1 what is the dia of you hat (crown), do you think a one size fits all would work? is 3/4" width ok?
    If you would like to talk about this please call me anytime (H) 830-990-9321 or (C) 830-992-0965
    I have sent you pictures of my belt. I paid $100 + tax + postage for both the buckle and belt. Brother Tidwell please remember that the hat will only be worn for one year in the east. The more important times is when your are confering degrees and giving the lectures, I hope that you do that. If you would like to contact the inmate direct I will be glad to furnish you with his name and inmate number.
    Bro Tidwell,
    I was raised in Ohio in 1963, returned my MM proficency in Ft Worth, Texas and cherish memories of visiting and working in a number of Lodges in the Dallas-Ft Worth area plus Blooming Grove Lodge, and several in the San Antonio area. Much later, 2002, I attended a Global Fraternal Network Cook-out at Lake Conroe. I still do a lot of Masonic travel, both actual and virtual and keep young in spirit by these visits with my Brethren. <br> I can think of no better way to spend my Birthday than by attending a Master Mason conferral this evening at Meridian Sun Lodge # 69 F&AM, in Richfield, OH. <br> Fraternally, ET
    Thank you Brother, but you missed it by just a year or two - getting closer to double that, I celebrated my 26th anniversary of my 30th Birthday, but since I didn't know you when I turned 30, I can accept your well wishes - Thanks for the message my Brother
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