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  • thank you for your advice bro.chance, can you help me with where i should study about the blue lodge.what books, lectures and what not. i wanted more light from my lodge but, right now my lodge is pretty much dark where running on a skeleton crew, please help me in my search. your brother stephen smith
    It was good to meet you in Franklin last night. I talked to your Dad for just a few minutes, and wanted to talk a little more. Perhaps another time. Franklin has been very good to me since I joined Masonry, even though I am not a member of that Lodge. Many of the Brothers there, helped put on my Degrees in Hearne. After this year, I will probably dual with them, but for now, I need to concentrate on working in our Lodge in Hearne. Thanks for coming over, and it is especially nice to see the generations of family come together like that.
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