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  • hey bro .. just checking bc wit you in regards to military and law enforcement ..i sent my email in a persona message ... lets see what we can do..
    I'm very excited to start my journey as a Master Mason. I will be raised this Tuesday night! I am HUGE into volunteer work.
    I am sure there will be many who will be excited to see you, and talk with you. You and your family are a somewhat regular topic around the Church. Apparently you folks made a GREAT impression on many, and I am happy to know that. I will inform Aunt Geraldine, and Sue Nell you are making plans, and will be there unless something comes up to prevent it. Let me know if there is anyhting any of us can do.
    Bro. Paul, got the message and I put the date on my calendar. No need to worry about anything. Depending on whether the wife and kid come with me, we will make plans accordingly. With my wife everything is subject to change, so that will be a game time decision. There's a strong chance we will just come up that morning. I have done it several times for cattle sales at Camp Cooley, its not a bad drive for us. I am going to try to get my mother to come as well. Whichever way it falls, I will let you know soon.
    You'll have to keep me up to date on those EA degrees. We have 2 FC degrees in our near future. We've been practicign on those lately. In fact, I will be conferring the degrees, which will be my first degree to ever confer, so I'm excited. I hope to also confer our next EA as well. I am also hoping to go for my B Certificate this October. Depending on how much practice I can get on the lectures, maybe even my A.
    I found out a little more about Bro Porter last night. Supposedly he was raised and a member of the Baylor Lodge #1235. I was told he was a former professor at Baylor. You may contact the Secretary at the Baylor Lodge and see if they know of any of his family.
    Bro. Paul, I asked my Lodge Secretary tonight about Edwin Porter tonight. He didn't recall him, but my Secretary was initiated in 62. He also said that he had to swing by GL tomorrow and would see what he could find there. He was curious as to which Lodge he was raised in. We have our stated meeting this coming Tuesday, so I will also ask some of our other experienced brothers as well.
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