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  • Being a mason is all about being outside of that comfert zone some times. Look at our intiaon rituals, your a MASON you can do whatever you put your mind to.

    I appreciate your comment and words of encouragement. I am very excited about beginning my journey. I know my mentor and we have been freends for a few years. I have watched him grow and mature. That was a big plus in filling out my petition. I am just glad I got out of my comfort zone.
    Trying to Bro Steve, just moved, so we've been getting settled in. How goes things for you?
    No I wasnt. I became a Mason in League City, Tx. when I was stationed in Galveston. I know a couple of Masons in Iowa who helped me get in. Next time Im back in the Des Moines Area (thats where my parents live) Im going to visit a few of the lodges. Im excited.
    If you are wanting to buy books, you might look into an annual membership in any of the following groups who print new masonic books annually and provide those books to their members for the cost of the membership. These groups are open to all Masons (including the SRRS.) One of these groups is your Grand Lodge's research lodge.
    Congratulations on your impending raise on the 27th, it will rank as one of the best days of your life !!
    Glad you entered the Fraternity and look forward to hearing about your progress! I rode through Iowa some years back...pretty country up there..
    hello my name is steve and i live here in webster city iowa, i am brand new to the craft. i just performed my first degree last night, its something i have wanted to do for years and just hadent done it. with a little help from a friend from this site that i have known for years( Spring TX MM), know iam truly proud to call him my brother.
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