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Was the OES more Christian related than you expected?

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I've seen your posts and am sure you are correct. I have no horse in this race as I am not a member, nor shall I ever be one. I merely stated what I had read on the Grand Chapter's website and moved on to the next point.

Understood. But here is what they stated on their website (only pointing this out for purpose of bringing light):

"In truth, the origin of our organization is shrouded in mystery, much as the origin of Masonry, itself. The Order of the Eastern Star, founded on Masonry and for the benefit of the female relatives of Master Masons, was known by other names in Europe before it came to America. In these organizations Masons prepared instructive and enlightening lessons and charges that were given to their female relatives.

About 1780 there appeared in France an organization called “Adoptive Masonry,” under the sanction and warrant of a regularly constituted Masonic Lodge, whose Worshipful Master was the presiding officer, assisted by a woman designated as “President” or “Mistress.” A printed ritual of the work was issued in 1787. Some think the five degrees were introduced in this country by French officers who assisted our country in its struggle for liberty. However, no authentic history substantiates this. It is highly probable that knowledge of the French organization may have filtered through and helped to create and bring into use some of the lectures used in this country as the basis for the formation of the Eastern Star. The Lessons and Charges were collected and published by the Masonic Supreme Council in 1793 in Boston under the title, “Thesauros.

If Robert Morris was initiated in 1849, how could he be the founder of the Eastern Star, when the term EASTERN STAR was used in 1793?
The Grand Chapter of New York OES doesn't believe the Morris/Macoy narrative, hence the re-inverted emblem on their historical site, and their absence from the General Grand Chapter of OES.


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What do you mean brother? do you mean PHA and GLoState OES? or something else?


Something else.
The two streams are the Morris/Macoy narrative, and the other is the Rite of Adoption or Adoptive Rite stream.

The OES when it first began development in America were called ADOPTIVE LODGES. The name at that time was the Supreme Constellation, and their ritual and esoteric work was compiled in the Thesauros (1793).
The debate is that the Thesauros is "questionable", but it has yet to be debunked, or shown to be unauthentic.

The 1855 Mosaic was based on it, and Morris followed the Constellational system. The OES has abandoned mush of the early work and ritual, because the Grand Loges were concerned that it looked too much like Co-Masonry, and it was to a certain extent.