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Introduction of James Kenneth Scott Jr. Circuit of Services, Veteran of America's Armed Forces

Hello to a mighty Fraternal Order of Brotherly Love and Forgiveness. My experiences serving our Great Country, The United States of America has given me the thorough knowledge of the true meaning of Brotherhood. Crossing the Equator onboard USS Carl Vinson CVN 70 Aircraft Carrier raised my awareness of initiatory ritual as well as bonding into a group unlike any other. I realize that this is my introduction and shall request from members acceptance as well as contributory material that I would like to share within the very near future. I am a retired teacher of American History with lots of stories to tell and information to share. Thanks!

Keith C

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So, are you a Mason? Or are you equating Military Service with Freemasonry without being a Mason?
I am a former United States Army Intelligence Analyst and United States Navy Educational Services Officer. I belong to the Fraternal Order of The Ancient Mysteries of The Deep Honorable Shellbacks. I participate and pledge to a monthly Patronage of Freemasonry. I have yet to "Ride The Goat" of Initiation Rites for Freemasonry Entered Apprentice Degree. I did "Ride The Goat" of Initiation Rite for Navy Honorable Shellback. Thank you for replying to my thread!


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James, have you contacted a local Lodge to begin the process? Also, there is no goat in Freemasonry. That is an old myth, and one not well received by knowledgeable Brothers when jokes are made in Lodge about it. I wish you well on your journey. Keep us informed how it goes.