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I am 27 and live in Saudi Arabia.

I am a curious individual by nature, always reading, learning, wanting to know more and never satisfied.

I have always heard things online about freemasonry, illuminati, controlling the world, but I have always felt like there was something else.

And when I started to investigate and read more about the history of true freemasonry I got to the conclusion that most of the 'spread knowledge" are actually false and the freemasonry are about free thinking, free will, and the desire to know more and keep the secret.

I have found only little information online but I loved what I found and I am very interested to join and discover, however in where I live there are no lodges whatsoever,

What can I do then? Why are there no lodges here? Why must knowledge be kept away from me when I need to know more? How do I know if there are any private groups or lodges where I live?

I appreciate any help or guidance, I can't really move at this time but I have enough curiosity to do so in the future but for now, any help?


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For now your only option is too move to a country that has legal Freemasonry. There's also the rare chance that your country would legalize Freemasonry but I don't see that happening any time soon.

Mike Martin

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Your difficulty is because your government has banned Freemasonry in your country you are not aware of the reality of Freemasonry. You should understand that it is just a fraternity, it is not some kind of super secret all knowing organisation as it is sometimes portrayed. It is also not a reason to leave your own country in some kind of quest for membership.

Freemasonry has no secrets or information that you cannot find elsewhere, it just has its own traditional way of dealing with the subjects of being a good, law-abiding and family loving man.