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  1. Y

    Is there any lodge in tunisia

    I would like to know if there is any Tunisian Feeemason lodge? I am fully aware that freemasonry is banned in Tunisia and sadly linked with spying or satanism. I only need to find my way to know who I am and how to be a healer for this world. I am ready for this journey. Thank you.
  2. F

    I`m very very curious!

    Hello, I am 27 and live in Saudi Arabia. I am a curious individual by nature, always reading, learning, wanting to know more and never satisfied. I have always heard things online about freemasonry, illuminati, controlling the world, but I have always felt like there was something else...
  3. JCeire


    Can a Freemason in Austria, or one familiar with regular lodges in Austria, send me a DM about a specific question I have regarding membership?
  4. Chs

    Looking for whiskey lecture

    I am looking for someone to present a illustrated lecture on the delights of whiskey to the brethren in my London Lodge. It would be sometime later this year or earlier next year. Any suggestions please
  5. JJones

    Masonic Improvement: Creating A Vision And Goals

    My latest blog post is in! I hope everyone enjoys it.
  6. Shadow Puppet

    Is hazing allowed in DeMolay initiation rites?

    By dictionary definition, is hazing allowed to be done during initiation? I was a DeMolay petitioner and although I will break my vow of silence after 2-3 years, I want to raise this question for my brother's sake because he wants to join the same lodge. I'm worried because physical harm was the...