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Duncan's Ritual

Blake Bowden

Staff Member
It's a good read, but if you try to learn the work using this, you'll get caught red-handed. Learn the work, become a Master Mason, then read it for education and fun.


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If one is not MM or a RAM I would stay away from Duncan's Ritual, lest he wants to ruin his Masonic experience.

I have seen 3 degree versions that would not ruin the RAM experience but definitely a bad idea to go looking for it until after you have presented your Master Mason proficiency.

On the other hand I've purchased a copy of a UGLE Emulation Ritual that was for sale at one of the California GLs I attended. When I picked it up and started glancing through it I got cautioned that in that jurisdiction it was for entertainment only. As usual for a book of standard work the *** *** *** are replaced by underscores. Otherwise, just another variation on the ritual I'd learned to be able to have a vote at GL.


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I saw the initials RAM and thought the real word was gonna be "Baa"! ;D I knew the goat talk would come full circle, lol.
The Royal Arch Mason degree would be the 7th degree of the York Rite. Elsewhere it is done differently, but that is how it is in the US.
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