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Are you the First Mason in your family?

Are you the first Mason in your family

  • I'm the first!

    Votes: 72 36.7%
  • I'm not the first! There have been others...

    Votes: 89 45.4%
  • I thought I was the first but later found out there were others...

    Votes: 26 13.3%
  • I'm not a mason yet, but I'm working on it!

    Votes: 9 4.6%

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Are you the first Mason in your family or are you related to Worthy Brothers who had gone before you?

I knew I wasn't the first, my Grandfather and Great-grandfather were Mason' well as a few others.
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My mother informed me that one of my great-great-great-...grandfathers (can't remember exactly how great) has a S&C on his grave marker...I will not count that since it is so far in the past, and did not affect my decision to join.

Also, I married into a family with Masonic ties, but I had already decided to join, so I put that I am the first. At least it feels that way.


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I am at least 6th and my son, Goatrider, is at least the 7th generation. We are researching to find out if it goes farther back, but it is difficult to figure it out after so many generations.


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I am at least 6th and my son, Goatrider, is at least the 7th generation. We are researching to find out if it goes farther back, but it is difficult to figure it out after so many generations.

I know I can go back 4 generations, it would be interesting to how far it goes back or if it does at all, it's hard enough doing genealogical research, discovering who was or wasn't a Mason is proving to be a bit harder...but its fun doing the research for sure!


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My Brother is a Mason (Blackhawk lodge in Colorado) and my wife's father (EA, not active) and grandfather (32nd) were both Masons.


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That's awesome that your brother is, now you'll share a different type of brotherhood with him!


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My maternal grandfather was a Mason, but aside from him, I don't know of any Masons in my family.

robert leachman

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My dad no, his father and his grandfather were Masons. Several on his mother's were Masons too.
Several of my Mom's aunt's sons are Masons too.

Bro. Bennett

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I was raised in a very strict Pentecostle (Anti-Mason) household, so in this immediate family line yes, I am a first. I have heard of others in branches that have been for years, but do not talk to them due to their not having time for me now that i'm an orphan.... (they only kept in touch with dad when they wanted something). I do have an Uncle on mom's side that she tried to preach to for years that is/was a 32nd Scottish Rite mason, and a cousin on dad's side that is a Mason and his wife is OES, (on hospice now)...
Coming from a very disfunctional family, we didn't keep in touch with many members except close family, so I have no way to know about many others that could be members.


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Seven unbroken generations on my father's side verified. Expect more in Europe. At least five, though broken, on my mother's side. Four of five brothers and all four sisters (OES) of my father. My older brother and I. Hoping the nephews follow the example.

Benjamin Baxter

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My stepdad is one his brothers, brother in laws, and a my uncle on my moms side, so at least I'm in good company and get checked up on a family get togethers.


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Genealogy being one of my favorite hobbies, I have a family tree that is solid back to the advent of surnames. The Boyd clan being related to the Stuart Kings is a very researched line. I descend directly from Adam Boyd of Portencross the uncle of William Boyd Earl of Kilmarnock and Grand Master of Masons 1742/3 who was beheaded for supporting the Bonnie Prince.
When I became a mason I was curious to know if any of my ancestors were also, and my research continues today. Here is what I do know.
My father was not a Mason. His father (my grandpa)was a member of Dallas #760 and I have a copy of his petition. His father was a member of Gainesville #210 and was in suspension for NPD at the time of his death. His father M.C. Boyd was a charter signer for Childress # 695. He and his brothers Thomas and Alston were all raised Masons in Benton, Tennessee at their father Erby Boyds lodge Occoee #212 (Tennessee Grand Lodge has a wonderful research department. They charge a fee but is truly worth it, they will send copies of documentation if it exists). At this point in history (prior to the union of moderns and ancients) most documentation is lost or never was. Skip one generation of lost info and we get to Erbys grandfather, Col. George Boyd of the Virginia militia through whom I am associated with the Sons of the American Revolution. He served as General Washingtons quartermaster at Valley Forge. While I have been unable to find any documentation or reference to his Masonic affiliation, it is commonly understood that General Washington preferred his officers to be brethren. Col. George Boyds grandfather George (grandson of Adam of Portencross) owned a tavern along the Cumberland trail in southern Pennsylvania (Chester county) as early as 1726. Benjamin Franklin referred, in 1730, to their being several lodges meeting in Pennsylvania, and we know that when he printed his first edition of Andersons Constitutions he sent at least one copy to someone in Chester county.
Searching out my ancestors has been a wonderful journey, even more so since I became a Mason. I never get to share this info because only a fellow Brother would understand it or care. Thanks for asking!


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I am third generation. My Paternal Grampaw was born in 1900, and made a Mason in 1921 at Corinth lodge, Corinth KY. My maternal grampaw was made a mason in Chicago, 1920s. His brother, my great-uncle, was a 33rd, and very active in the Shrine. My father was made a Mason in February 1982, just six months before I was .