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My wife's brother was diagnosed with ALS(LOU GHERIGS DISEASE) about a year ago but was showing symptoms for a little.over 2 yrs now. Last Wednesday night he was admitted to the ER. He had pneumonia and one of his collapsed. He was intubated until last night. He was doing ok until about an hour ago......
They had to re-intubate him. The drs are saying as long as the tube is in he will stay alive, but once they take it out he will have about a day and half till it will be time to make him comfortable. I'm asking for all of your prayers! Thanks brothers!!

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Ripcord I am so sorry for this difficult time for you and your wife. Know that we are here for you and you are in our thoughts and prayers

Brother JC

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Oh, my Brother, you, your wife and her family have my deepest sympathies and my heartfelt prayers.

Bill Lins

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Sorry to hear it, my Brother. My oldest sister's husband had it and was released of his suffering just before last Christmas. Y'all will be in my prayers.