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Glen Cook

G A Cook
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And thus I refuse to give any names or locations. If you live in the city but can’t find it, and it’s not publicly available, pound sand (some are available in the European conf of grand secretaries and grand chancellors).
You are not alone in this. It's almost as disturbing as WHY some of them are wanting to join.
You two are NOT alone in this! I cannot tell you how many times a day this occurs for me through my FB connections. Whelming doesn't come close!
To continue the example, I received a request
for information from a grand lodge regarding Grande Oriente do Rio Grande do Sul - GORGS. Now, our reports have been at the commission website for almost a year, I have told the grand secretaries this. So, instead of looking there, he calls me. I go to look there, copy the 2017 report, and email it back to him.

Very efficient, no?

I‘ve been surprised by the amount of correspondence, questions and comments I get as secretary. Many are, “did you look at the website” type answers, but some want advice on how to unify freemasonry in a particular country from someone I do not know (I wish you the very best in your endeavors); or my “personal opinion” on a matter (I ain’t got one); or telling me how we are wrong (meh. I’ve been married 43 years. Tell me something I don’t know).