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  • Howdy, Brother. Would you believe you are the third chemical engineering Mason I have met? Glad to know you.
    Yes, Mac
    Some of mine were lost too!
    I am now a Past Grand Commander of Louisiana, Past Prior of Louisiana Priory No. 43, KYCH, and this year I am Grand King of the Grand Chapter of Louisiana. I think this is a great place for ideas and discussion with a great bunch of folks! Looking forward to more of your messages!
    Richard L. James
    Yes and I see by your pic you have red cords...My congratulations Sir Knight
    Look forward to sharing with you.. Most of my stuff has been wiped out, with the bug...
    Now to remember what I posted...
    Thanks! Now that I have been a member for over a year, I finally beginning to enjoy the site! I think it is a great forum!
    Welcome to the forums Brother Richard. I look forward to your views.
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