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Recent content by RichardRLJ

  1. RichardRLJ

    Wanna-be EA

    Welcome!! Let us know of your progress and thoughts!
  2. RichardRLJ

    What do you do with your phone during lodge meetings?

    I silence it, but use the notepad to remember things frequently.
  3. RichardRLJ

    Are you the First Mason in your family?

    My dad and both grandfathers were masons. When I got my MM degree, one of my grandfathers sat in the East, and two uncles and my dad also participated in the degrees. My mother was a past Worthy Matron, and a 50 year Eastern Star! I have been blessed with exposure to Masonry, and wanted to be...
  4. RichardRLJ

    A new journey awaits

    Congratulations! Let us know of your journey as you progress!
  5. RichardRLJ

    "Charlie is My Brother"

    Thanks! That's a beautiful piece of work!
  6. RichardRLJ

    Masonic Website Forum

    Wow - the is a great website! That looks like it would be just what is needed - with calendar, and all relevant information!
  7. RichardRLJ

    Blackberry Glazed Baby Back Ribs

    Just be sure to put the blackberry glaze on near the end!
  8. RichardRLJ

    from lewisville texas

    We all appreciate you so much! Welcome!
  9. RichardRLJ

    San Gabriel #89 - Bring a Non-Mason to Dinner

    Great Idea! I'll see if it will fly here in my lodge.
  10. RichardRLJ


    64 - I knew H. A. only for a short time.
  11. RichardRLJ

    Which appendant bodies do you belong to?

    Yes, I belong to Royal Order of Scotland!
  12. RichardRLJ

    With the weather?

    Sun's out! I'm going to the woods for a walk in the mud! (it's warm enough for mud today!)
  13. RichardRLJ

    Which appendant bodies do you belong to?

    York Rite Scottish Rite Shrine Eastern Star Red Cross of Constantine York Rite College Holy Royal Arch Knight Templar Priest
  14. RichardRLJ


    Greetings! I agree with Brother Stewart!
  15. RichardRLJ

    Re-introducing myself

    Welcome back! Looking forward to your posts.