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  • James Wes should be able to get that information for you, if not let me know and I will either mail or fax it to you.
    Can I call you this afternoon? I have to go to lodge soon I am teaching until about noon. You can call me at 830-990-9321, if I am not home yet leave your number and I will call you back.
    These key fobs are made at several prison units around the state. If you need information on how to get one email me and I will give you the necessary address of the inmate that makes mine for me. There are several at Garden Oaks Lodge. Ask WM Vance about them.
    I would welcome you as a friend. Tell Brother Wes I said hello from Fredericksburg.
    There is a guy at Newcaney Lodge I got Mine from. I will get his information and post it!
    Bro. James, could you give me the Brother's contact information who made your key ring? I was hoping to find him at GL this weekend but no luck. Thanks
    Bro. I know I have asked where you got your key ring but I can't seem to find that message. Could you give it to me again please. Thanks!
    Hey Brother...feel your pain with the GC. I can't get an adjuster here to tell me how much money I am going to get.... but I am more intrested in your picture. Where did you get that is really nice
    Yes please! Just email or PM the contact information to me, I would really like to get one made.
    That is a pretty cool key ring thingy! Where did you get it at?
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