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  • Hello Brother. I'm a 15 yr vet on the streets in TX. I am working in Franklin right now. I have know Hippie a long time and had the honor of working with him in Falls County. If you ever need anything, don't hesitate to let me know.
    I can't say it any better than Hippie did. Cop for 6 years, Mason for 10. Where do you work?
    Welcome aboard Brother. I spent many years in Texas as a Peace Officer myself. During that time, I also worked for EMS, and local FD. My oldest son is now Lt. in a FD here in Texas. 3 generations in Public Safety, but sadly, only one in Masonry. I think you will find masonry a lot of fun if you look at it for what it is. I am knocking on 60 now, and still have a LOT of fun with it. Hang in there, study what you are taught, in the fullest detail, and you will see there will always be more to learn and do. Take time after you are Raised, to look back at the teachings before going on to anything else. My Instructor told me there was no actual charge for teaching me, but he did ask that I learn the work good enough to teach at least one other person. If you do that, you have most likely learned the real meaning of Masonry.
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