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What do you like most about My Freemasonry?

What do you enjoy most about My Freemasonry?

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Premium Member
Like in lodge, I like the fellowship that I find here, where you can meet [electronically] on the level with brethren all around the country (& elsewhere) to chat and learn about this moral system that fascinates us all... The site is wonderful, but it's the brethren who hang out here, and those who keep it running, that make it what it is.

Roy Vance

Premium Member
I have met several dear friends through this website. Brothers I have met personally with and Brothers who enjoy getting together at Grand Lodge, Scottish Rite meetings, and blue lodge meetings here in Houston.

I am also proud to have met my fellow eight original Bridge Builders Brothers through this website.

Truly, a place where brethren can meet on the level.
Refering to the "Bridge Builders", how all of you doing? Do you still meet and communicate? And, a big point here, how do y'all feel about the new stuff that the Grand Lodges have finally decided? Me, personally, I think it is about time it happened. Texas is just a little behind times. Just sayin'.


Premium Member
We do occasionally meet. We stay in contact with each other, weekly if not more often, via e-mail and Facebook. Phone calls too. I think I've become a member of some of the Brother's families and lodges with all the Facebook exchanges.

Yes. I am glad that the last 10 years have borne fruit. The GLs were wise enough to wait on us. Their faith was not misplaced. The ground-swell, thanks in great part to this website, reached a peak and it has now happened. The final hoRAHs of the nay-sayers is upon us. It will wash away with time.

I have met, as I always knew I would, Brethren who put their pants on the same way I do, are obliged to put out the garbage and go get a loaf of bread, and worry about the safety and nurture of their families the same as I. There are good people out there, we only have to let them into our hearts.