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Scripts for "Where Your Treasure Is.."

Phil Pearce

Premium Member
Our lodge has a copy of this book by Carl Claudy; pretty hard to find nowadays but we finally found one.. We are interested in putting on one or more of the plays in the upcoming years. We already have a script for "Rose Upon the Altar," that a nearby lodge has given us, and I am looking for theatrical scripts for any of the other plays. The plays could be presented just using the book, but since each of the 12 plays has more than 12 characters, it's a bit unwieldy passing the book around. I could scan the contents of each play and then make copies, but I wondered if anyone else already has a copy of one or more of the plays in script form, even if somewhat amended for your lodge, in a popular format such as Word, Libre, etc. that you'd be willing to share and unburden me with the task of scanning them.


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(not replied because I currently cannot help.. but watching with interest and best wishes).