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Prayers for a "fallen" Brother


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Brethren, in your devotions to deity, please mention Wor. George Vest, who fell out of a pear tree two weeks ago when the step ladder went from under him. He is 79 years old and managed to land in a thorny rose bush, cracking a heel and damaging three vertebrae in his lower back. MRI also discovered a shadow on his lung which he says may be related to a preexisting condition (George was a US Navy Submariner) or as he put it "a new surprise". He's in a world of pain ATM but hopes to be back in Lodge and Chapter when the current insanity ends.


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I shall do so.

And I am always telling people, ladders are dangerous things. I can't tell you how many tradespeople I know who have come off one to break heels and worse. They cause so many injuries, be super careful when you're on a ladder Brethren and if you're of an age where you will not bounce like you used to (and by that I mean over 40).