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Have you worn your white leather apron?

Have you ever worn your white leather apron?

  • Yes

    Votes: 72 41.4%
  • No

    Votes: 71 40.8%
  • Not untill I die

    Votes: 31 17.8%

  • Total voters

Benjamin Baxter

Premium Member
Nope. In a bag between the mattresses. I will wear it one time. I want it to be white when i need it. I can buy another apron to wear to special occasions.

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Daniel Mosmeyer

Premium Member
Hmmmm.... I would think that if one worked at the Craft, the wear and tear on his apron would be apparent. To me, my pristine apron would say that I had not labored but had been a bystander when work should have been actively pursued.

But, when it really boils down to the bare facts, isn't the apron a part of the external?

Just my 2 bits worth. I would wear mine but, as a recently raised Master Mason, I'm not sure how it would be received. Still debating with myself over that.


John Schnitz

Premium Member
I have mine in a bag under my bed also dont know if I'll ever wear it. Just saving it for that special day. When I meet my savior in the celestial lodge above.

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Registered User
I wore mine for the three degrees but that's it. Most Brothers don't seem to pull it out until called to refreshment.

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Premium Member
I got mine and wore it though all three degrees. But I really didn't receive it until I was raised.

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I wore the apron once, when I was Initiated. but after that its still in the apron tube I got it

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I got mine during my EA. That's the last time I wore it. I've thought about getting it framed. One of our older brothers always offers to fill out the bib once you are raised because he can write in caligraphy. Its very beautiful.

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I am saving my plain white lamb skin for the coffin. I did purchase a MM lamb skin apron with my name and lodge number on it from It hasn't arrived yet but I look forward to wearing it.

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Will those yellow like the plain white ones. That's the main reason no one in our lodge wears their white one. Over time it will yellow if not kept put up.

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