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G.A.Thompson 79


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I’m Brother Traesey Horton (Primce Hall) master mason G.A.Thompson #79. Past Chaplin. To the brethren. I would like to know if any lodge has a brother (McKinley Horton) registration? Born in Amite County Mississippi, on August 31,1921. WWII army veteran. Migrated to Chicago Illinois during the 1950’s. Became a motor toll operator for coke cola, until May 16th 1970. I was told that my dad, McKinley Horton, was a mason. He passed away when I was nine years old. So I pray that the the brethren check their membership roll for my dad McKinley Horton and relay that to me. So mote it be.
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Greetings Brother

I agree with Bro Cook. GL's will release his record to you of a deceased member.
Even if he was a member of my lodge, we would likely not have a record of him, but our GL would..

Thomas Stright

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Contact the GL and they should be able to give you that information.
GLoPA did that for myself when I inquired about my Grandfathers records.