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prince hall

  1. EVG Yumul

    Writing a definitive history for KOP

    Good day Brothers, I was hoping to write a definitive history for the Knights of Pythagoras. Looking up different sites, there is no uniform history of the Order. Can you please advise how we can make this happen? Warm fraternal regards, EVG Yumul John E. Peterson Council No. 5 Supreme Council...
  2. Brother RG

    Charity Event

    Great event over the weekend in Easton Pennsylvania assisting an organization called the Valor Clinic Foundation. They help in giving Clothes, Footwear, Accessories and Food to the community and also to Vets.
  3. PM Mike Luna

    Looking for Prince Hall Masons in Puerto Rico

    Greetings, and may the Great Architect of the Universe bring everyone blessings. I have been a Prince Hall Mason for over 10 years now and have traveled far and wide thanks to the military. I have been looking for a prince hall lodge in Puerto Rico for two years now. From what I can tell the...
  4. R


    Anyone know of any Prince Hall Lodges in Tampa,FL
  5. EVG Yumul

    Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Ontario Regalia

    Hi Brothers, quick question to those who know. Can I please be enlightened why the Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Ontario uses regalia that is very similar/identical to the United Grand Lodge of England? I know that other Canadian Grand Lodges use this regalia, but the Prince Hall lineage comes from...
  6. O

    Greetings Brothers and siSTARS

    Prince Hall Palmetto Grand Lodge Columbia, SC, USA
  7. ShadyGrove821

    Amended and Restated Compact

    Where can I get a copy of the January 15, 2015 Amended and Restated Compact?