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    What is Freemasonry – A Response to Tim Bryce & Gr

    Re: What is Freemasonry – A Response to Tim Bryce As always, that is an excellent word, My Brother!!
  2. towerbuilder7

    Getting my "FC" Jan18th...

    Congrats, Bro seem to be walking up that "winding stairwell" on the way to the two goals of every good STUDENT of Masonry---The Pursuit of TRUTH, and acquiring a vast and thorough KNOWLEDGE OF SELF.........make SURE you consult with your Secretary in your Home Lodge, and contact...
  3. towerbuilder7

    Payers for my wife

    Pray Psalm 91 BROTHER........It's a Psalm of PROTECTION..........And, I will send up a prayer soon as I get thru typing, asking that the GAOTU guide the minds and hands of the Doctors that are treating your Wife AND Child............
  4. towerbuilder7

    I asked 1 now waiting

    You are to be commended for your patience........Each Brother who has been Initiated, Passed, and Raised on this Forum has been in the same seat as you.....some good advice-----walk in, remain humble, listen attentively, show respect and greet EVERY Brother Mason in the room with a handshake and...
  5. towerbuilder7

    A Charge Delivered to the Brethren of the African

    Re: A Charge Delivered to the Brethren of the Afri Brother bowden, the amazing thing i got from this speeach was the beauty of our time honored institution..........we are studying the same history that he speaks of in this very speech, given over 230 years ago...............this speaks to the...
  6. towerbuilder7

    How u understand freemasonry teachings

    I agree with Bro Freyburger.........Some Brethren, including myself, are fascinated with esoteric teachings and books on the various subjects listed above---Alchemy, Mysticism, Study of differing Religious Systems, Ancient Mystery Schools, etc.......however, one must be CAREFUL when reading...
  7. towerbuilder7

    Why do u wear ur masonic ring ?

    I agree with the Brothers above.....while on Patrol (17 year Houston PD Sergeant), I never wore the ring in the Field, because I didn't want to get the ring damaged.......Since my Spinal Fusion Surgery in August, I've recovered and returned to a Desk Sgt's position....Now that I'm working...
  8. towerbuilder7

    Two Scariest Lies in Our World Right Now

    Prudence, Temperance, Fortitude, and Justice-----four virtues I have embraced since I began my Masonic Walk........I am a believer in GOD, who was raised in a Catholic Church, and now attends Baptist Church for weekly praise and worship. I am, however, a very curious and inquisitive Man who...
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    Bro Book, some of us know that answer, but that's not an answer that all Recognized Masons are expected to discuss in public, or on a public Forum such as this......I too, was healed into PHA Masonry from a John G Jones Affiliated "AF&AM Grand Lodge", in Aug of 2010. We were taught THERE to...
  10. towerbuilder7

    Feeling offended

    Good evening brethren---in response to the brother's question as to how to handle this type of incident-----your boss, who is also the owner of the company is square, so as long as he has no issue with you having paperweights, pictures, wearing lapel pins or jewelry, or any other display at your...
  11. towerbuilder7

    The Secret Teachings Of All Ages

    I agree that the Secret Teachings is a great read, as I have it as well as its study appendix, but for a profane, I would recommend something SIMPLE, such as "The Idiot's Guide To Freemasonry" by S. Brent's a simple but easy to understand read that will familiarize the reader...
  12. towerbuilder7


    Bro. Stewart, my answer to your question is to ALWAYS exercise caution when OUTSIDE of the Lodge........not every Man who identifies himself as a Mason is a LAWFULLY RECOGNIZED MASON, so, when unsure, you are best to shake his hand, exchange greetings, and go on your way........and, if he IS a...
  13. towerbuilder7

    We are NOT all Brothers

    Thanks for that post, Bro. Bowden....Bro Lilly is a member of a Prince Hall Research Forum called The Blue Lite....I am not a member YET, but the Past Master in my Lodge is.......Brethren are VERY well educated on Prince Hall Masonry, and also the spurious off shoots that plague and demean our...
  14. towerbuilder7


    Ok Young Brother.....keep us posted on your progression through your Degree Work
  15. towerbuilder7

    Visitation Between Prince Hall and Regular Lodges

    Re: Visitation Between Prince Hall and Regular Lod My District Brother Upton is correct-----can't place the entire blame on the GLoTX-----the MWPHGLTX has failed to come to the table and hold up their end of the bargain at least twice, and has failed to give the CRAFT AT LARGE a reason. I...