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  1. Roy Vance

    custom aprons

    I had a custom MM apron made, real leather, Texas regulation size, white on white. White trim, S&C on the body and all-seeing eye on the bib, with my name and Lodge name and number embroidered under the bib. Our DDGM told me it was OK to wear it as a "traveling" apron, since I am an officer in...
  2. Roy Vance


    They are just taking some information they got from somewhere/one else and exaggerating it just because we keep our rituals "PRIVATE" (not secret). This was done out of fear. You cannot control someone that is thinking for themself, and a dictator must be in control of all around him at all...
  3. Roy Vance

    Cypher books or mouth to ear?

    Before I petitioned, I was in my younger brother's pick-up and saw this little plain, blue book with nothing written on the cover. I picked it up and opened it and, lo and behold, I could not understand a thing that was written in the thing. I said to myself that it must have something to do...
  4. Roy Vance

    Halloween costume

    Brother Blake is correct. According to Texas Grand Lodge Laws and Constitutions, wearing of regalia (apron) outside the lodge is not permitted without special dispensation from the Grand Master.:sad:
  5. Roy Vance

    Mountain-Top Degree on Historic Comanche Peak

    Quite a ways for an evening jaunt, wouldn't you say. What, about 1500 miles? Of course, your Nimbus 2000 will get you there and back again in no time. That is what my niece thinks Freemasonry is all about, witchcraft and the 'Illuminati', and stuff. Jeez.
  6. Roy Vance

    Finally attended Lodge

    We also, in my affiliate lodge, had the second official visit from our DDGM, although, he sort of stuttered and stammered his way through his presentation about giving the "gift of life" and reminding us about "Pride, Respect and Communication", and that the Grand Lodge fund was over $200,000...
  7. Roy Vance

    Chamber of Reflection

    I wonder why they would excuse the visitors, aren't they part of the chain, also? That seems sort of discriminitory to me. Just sayin'.
  8. Roy Vance

    Chamber of Reflection

    Maybe they should read up on the "old" Masonry. In the early days, as I am lead to understand, the CoR was used in the Craft Degrees and not anywhere else, because there was no "anywhere else" to use it. The statement, "it's not the way we've always done it", is something that stems from...
  9. Roy Vance

    Chamber of Reflection

    Brother DJ, it is such a big issue because of the "it's not what we do here" or "we've never done that before, so it ain't legal" sort of thinking that goes on when the lodges get lazy and complacent and quit actually working and just sit back and let the world go on by while they "read the...
  10. Roy Vance

    Which finger do you wear your ring on and why?

    I wear two (2) Masonic rings. One on my left hand, ring finger, the other on my right hand, ring finger. My being single allows me to wear another ring on my left hand if I choose. I don't plan on getting married again, so I don't worry. LOL!
  11. Roy Vance

    Master Mason

    Congrats, my Brother. Now keep polishing and the Ashlar will be perfect for the "House not made with hands..." by the time you are ready to be put in place next to the next stone.
  12. Roy Vance

    Traditional observance lodges are they good for th

    Re: Traditional observance lodges are they good fo Have a talk with Frater Cliff Porter about those things. Better yet, read his book, "A Traditional Obsevance Lodge; One Mason's Journey to Fulfillment". I think you will see that the TO lodges are not that much different than other...
  13. Roy Vance

    5 Masonic books you can't live without

    You sir, are as bad as I am when it comes to your books, except I don't have Esoterika or Brother Davis' book yet. It seems that I cannot find a copy of Esoterika, reasonably priced, anywhere. Oh yeah, I almost forgot, I have not yet received Brother Hogan's book yet, either.
  14. Roy Vance

    Cipher books

    You are absolutely correct about that one, Br. Stewart. I have heard that, if found on Lodge property in your possession, it could possibly cost the lodge its Charter. That would not be good. I can think of many, many other things that I would rather be responsible for, just not getting the...
  15. Roy Vance

    Brother William E. "Bill" Campbell

    On 25 July 2013, I lost a dear and close friend and Brother. Brother William Edward "Bill" Campbell passed away that morning just after midnight. He died in the arms of his eldest son, Ed, who is also a Master Mason. Brother Bill was my instructor and mentor for all three degrees and he...