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  1. otherstar

    Brother Bill Lins

    I had the pleasure of being in the 11th Degree with Bill at that Houston SR. He was always kind, funny, and a joy to be around. He was a Mason's Mason and will be sorely missed by all who knew him.
  2. otherstar

    Freemasonry moral values, secret or not?

    The concept yes (charity=agape). The actual word, no. Charity the word actually comes from it's Latin cognate, "caritas" (which also means love in the same sense as agape...agape has no direct English equivalent other than charity, which comes from caritas).
  3. otherstar

    Learning Latin

    Wheelock's Latin has a pronunciation guide within for the Classical pronunciation. I use the Medieval/Ecclesiastical/Italianate pronunciation (same pronunciations with a different name). There are a number of places to learn the different pronunciations for Latin. Here are some links...
  4. otherstar

    Learning Latin

    I minored in classical languages (philosophy major, and an MA in philosophy specializing in Medieval Philosophy), and my Latin reading ability is still quite strong. I recommend getting a copy of Wheelock's Latin, it will provide you with an excellent introduction to the grammar and vocabulary...
  5. otherstar

    Featured Podcasts

    I remember seeing that thread. The Tyler's Place just released it 4th episode on Jan. 15. I stumbled upon it by accident, but have heard every episode.
  6. otherstar

    Featured Podcasts

    The AASR-SJ has a new podcast out called The Tyler's Place.
  7. otherstar

    Christmas lodge activities?

    Our Lodge has an annual Christmas party. Each family brings one boy gift and one girl gift and we have a potluck dinner. Every child under a certain age (I think the cutoff is 12), gets to see Santa and get's a toy from the pile. The leftover food and toys are donated to a needy family (or two)...
  8. otherstar

    2014 Proposed Resolutions and Recommendations (GLoTX AF&AM)

    Well, if anyone can make sure the work is correct, it would be PGM Griffin...I do believe he knows the Texas work better than anyone! Some states have plain language rituals that have been authorized and even published by their GLs (save certain parts that should never appear in print in any...
  9. otherstar

    Do you agree with the results of Annual Communications

    What happened with the resolution about a cipher (spelling?) book published the the GL?
  10. otherstar


    It's about time!!! I'm so happy for the Craft...ALL of the Craft today!
  11. otherstar

    Favorite degree postion

    I love doing all of the parts, but I often wind up giving the lecture because I'm one of a handful in my lodges that knows the lectures for all three degress whereas we have plenty for the parts in the floor work.
  12. otherstar

    Posting lectures and memorization

    I've never tried to count, just what I was told :) Thanks!
  13. otherstar

    Posting lectures and memorization

    I don't know the word count, but the EA catechism in Texas is in the neighborhood of 74 Q&A in three sections.
  14. otherstar

    Straight,Safety, Or Disposable Razor

    Blade selection for a DE is such an individual thing :) I tried Feather's once, and while one blade lasted me quite some time, it also tore my face up because they are so sharp. I prefer Astra SP or Shark blades.
  15. otherstar

    Why I demited out of York Rite

    When I got a demit from the blue lodge about 10 years ago (I'm back now), I also left the SR and YR. I miss the SR, but not the YR. I don't know if I will ever reapply to the SR, join the Shrine or the Grotto (mostly due to budgetary constraints).