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  • Thanks mike I appreciate the Nod. Looking forward to reading the literature in this site , I hear it is very good. ill be in touch..
    Thank you for the welcome. I am currently in Alabama on a job assignment, but sometime after July the 4th I will be headed back to my homstate of TEXAS. It looks like I will be able to spend some time back in Texas for a while. I can't wait to get some BBQ and fire up my grill again. I will be living in Yoakum Texas where I have recently bought houses and properity (I have family history here) Thanks again for the welcome.
    Jack Mitchell

    Your avatar is neat!. Is that a badge that is available somewhere?

    Thank you very much. I'm just transplanted to Texas from Seattle because I'm in the Navy and everyone her has been great. I'm recently demitted to Army Lodge 1105 in San Antonio and am taking on the daunting task of getting the Lodge's virtual presence up from the current look of circa 1985. Any suggestions? Brian
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