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  1. Mark Stockdale

    Last years fundraising for veteran's charity

    So with the easing of some of the restrictions for the pandemic, last year saw me able to participate in some fundraising. I took the PoppyPledge to raise £1921 for PoppyScotland, the main Veterans charity here. The effort culminated in a sponsored walk of 16.5miles from Glasgow to Dumbarton. It...
  2. Mark Stockdale

    2021 Midwest Conference on Masonic Education — Virtual Meeting

    And as is typical, I've been called in to work today.
  3. Mark Stockdale


    Congratulations Brother.
  4. Mark Stockdale

    So, what's the pandemic done to your lodge ?

    Here in Scotland, there have been no lodge meetings for a year now. There are quite a few Zoom meetings, from social groups through to Masonic Education, so a lot of brethren keeping in touch with their lodge members, but we are all looking forward to the day we can get back to a proper lodge...
  5. Mark Stockdale

    My second daughter

    Congratulations to the whole family.
  6. Mark Stockdale

    2021 Midwest Conference on Masonic Education — Virtual Meeting

    Would have been interested in joining, but unsure if I would be welcomed as I'm in Scotland.
  7. Mark Stockdale

    Trying to become a mason

    Welcome Brother
  8. Mark Stockdale

    Lest We Forget

    They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old: Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn. At the going down of the sun and in the morning We will remember them. No official ceremonies on this Remembrance Sunday, just a walk to the village memorial to place a couple of crosses...
  9. Mark Stockdale

    Permission to Come Aboard?

    Welcome to the forum.
  10. Mark Stockdale

    Starting out

    I joined at the age of 49, having said that, my lodge's latest candidate is 78, and he went through his first just before Scotland went into lockdown for the virus.
  11. Mark Stockdale


    The main point they will recognise is that you want to return, as you realise the brotherhood is where you want to be now that your life is stable. After all is said and done, our obligation to family and work come before Lodge. Welcome back Brother.
  12. Mark Stockdale

    New guy to the site

    Welcome Brother
  13. Mark Stockdale

    Fraternal Greetings from NY State

    Welcome Brother
  14. Mark Stockdale

    What is your lodge’s WhatsApp group like?

    You could ask your Worshipful Master about the Lodge of Research, I'm sure they will have some lectures / presentations that you could attend online, even as an EA. The subjects covered aren't always about the ceremonies, but about the history of various lodges, including different...