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  • Thanks for the article "Richard, My brother, My friend".

    Sad to say but most of us fail to realize the impact or influence others have on us till that person is gone. In your case you recognized the connection from the beginning and even through the difficult times thought of your friend.
    I often think of those old gentlemen who taught me my work. I remember seeing them in the oilfield around my town, at church and ball games, etc.. How they influenced me without ever saying a word.
    We would all do well to stop and meditate on our past and those who have played such roles in our lives whatever the role may have been.
    Thanks again.


    I for one appreciated your article on the "rangering" camps or companies or whatever.
    Not only appreciated it but agreed with it.
    Often times we are our on worst enemy.

    I look forward to your future post.

    And thanks for your service to our country.


    Thank you for replying to my message on the "introduction" board. In an earlier post I stated I was looking at Albert Pike Lodge, but I'm not "married" to that idea -- it was just a nice thought. I checked out Perfect Union #10 online and you gentlemen seem to be pretty active; that's what I'm really looking for: an active lodge. I think I'll drop someone at Perfect Union #10 a note through e-mail and ask for more information. Thank you!
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