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Website about the Kirkwall Scroll


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I have made a website about the Kirkwall Scroll, that enigmatic artifact that is kept on the mainland of the Scottish Orkney islands. The aim is to gather information, being able to discuss details (I've cut out eight panels and from each panel the separate symbols). The idea is that this information can possibly work both ways: help dating the scroll and perhaps help dating some of the early degrees. Spoiler alert, the most likely dating is 1764-1786 (perhaps even 1780-1786) and it seems most likely to have been made in England, not Scotland. Should you be interested, here is the website.


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Thanks. I'm trying to find a way to be able to exchange thoughts about both details and context, so I cut it all up. Currently it's mostly some available information with a few thoughts of my own. Gathering available information did result in a much narrower range of probable dating than in any of the sources used. It would be nice if there was more certainty about some things though.


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I did something like this years ago on another topic...put down what I knew and kept researching and solved one of the historic masonic mysteries in Australia. Was fun and informative.
Interactive Facebook is probably a good place to do that today, but here is good to...perhaps even better.

What was great about your site was the images, a lot of Kirkwall images are of sketches not the primary source itself .. is that it allowed me to share it with people who don't use facebook. I am one.

Having a website, you will be able to improve it over time and it could become *the* source on the web of the subject material. Reliable images will be key. You should look for someone to go and properly photograph it or find reliable photographs...

Keep researching and updating it... like my pages on that other matter, they really started with scant evidence and a lot of questions. It started with a folk lore story about Freemasons that the founded a charity, turned out, on the balance of probability based on evidence, to me true, and then, in my mind and many others, beyond any reasonable doubt that Freemasons started a large charity here.