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Official DDGM Visit

Dave in Waco

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I agree with Owls. The dress code should be left to the Lodge and currently according to Grand Lodge Law, I believe the only reference to clothing is appropiate for their office. And those things have traditionally been left to the lodges themselves. Until the GM issues an eddict, I don't believe it's enforcible. Even at the JW Retreat last year, the question of dress came up, and the answer given was, that the highest ranking person there sets the dress code. In other words, the WM sets the dress code in normal meetings, and if there is a representative from GL, then they set it, which usually means suit.


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Well, we had our DDGM at our lodge this evening. Very informative and looking forward to see what will change for the better. the MW never mentioned anything about a dress code though?


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In Pennsylvania, the Lodge Officers are required to be in tuxedos and the general attendees are requires to be in a full suit and tie.

robert leachman

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When I was active, those who were being installed wore suit or to be technical, some wore sport coats, ties and slacks. The rest wore everything from jeans to suits.


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I guess were still doing it the only way we know. With the bretheren lined from the door to the Alter. This deal about scoring the Lodges might be ok. I think it would be fun to score the Grand Lodge of Texas on its work? Just saying. LOL.

Bill Lins

Moderating Staff
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I guess we're still doing it the only way we know. With the brethren lined from the door to the altar.

That's exactly as the Monitor says it is to be done. We've (the DI's) heard nothing from the Committee regarding any change in that procedure.


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While there's something to be said for a dress code, there's no way a suit and tie (much less a tuxedo) dress code would fly up here in NE Texas. I've seen WMs in their overalls. As said about Central Texas, we've got too many farmers out here who come in from the fields for Lodge. I'm not saying show up in greasy work clothes but out here a clean set of overalls and a bolo tie is a pretty sharp outfit.

Also, having sat in Lodges this year for DDGM receptions in District 11 and District 30-A? (Huntsville-Forrest 19) neither Lodge received the DDGM in the "new" way.
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