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Bro Johnson Gideon Beharry, VC, COG (born 26 July 1979)


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Sergeant Johnson Beharry joined the British Army at the age of 21.

While serving with the 1st Battalion in Iraq, Princess of Wales’s Royal Regiment, Johnson's armoured Warrior vehicle fell into a trap and his colleagues were significantly injured. He drove under the enemy fire and saved their lives.

After that incident, he was soon caught in another trap, which caused severe head injuries to him and his crew. In a display of extreme courage, he drove out of the ambush before losing consciousness. While still recovering from brain surgery, Sergeant Beharry was awarded the Victoria Cross.

He is involved in charities and he is the founder of JBVC Foundation, which helps young people involved in gang culture rebuild their lives and future.

Sergeant Beharry is a member of Queensman Lodge No. 2694 in London.

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