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famous freemasons

  1. LeoValMer05

    Famous Freemasons from Puerto Rico

    Eugenio María de Hostos (January 11, 1839- August 11, 1903) He was an educator, philosopher, lawyer, sociologist, and novelist. He was known as "El Gran Ciudadano de las Américas" (translated as "The Grand Citizen of America[continent]"). He was an advocate for Puerto Rico's and Cuba's...
  2. Bloke

    List of Famous Freemasons ranked by fame and popularity.

    Its an interesting list - but like many others, a bit North American Centric.. but still interesting. It has George Walker Bush - I did not think he was a Freemason.. and Joseph Stalin ? which makes me ask how reliable the list is ? Happy Reading ...
  3. Classical

    Happy Birthday to Bro. Joseph Haydn!!!

    He was born today in 1732. The great composer was brought into Freemasonry by his good friend, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, in Vienna. Watch a great performance of his greatest piano sonata and give thanks for the amazing life of this genius of music: Franz Joseph Haydn by Brother Bruno...