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  1. Txmason

    Buying a watch

    Howdy Bros! I am in search of a new watch. The two watches both invicta watches and about $50 each. I have had one fixed, but it has stopped working completely and keeping the right date and time. I have looked everywhere. From Dillard's to Macy's and jewelry stores. Except for a few local...
  2. Txmason

    Lodge Website

    @ShawnC I love the website! What did you use to design it? I am the designer for our lodge I use and use weebly. Can you help?
  3. Txmason

    Car Problem- Lexus 430LS

    Howdy! I have a 2001 Lexus LS 430 and this morning I went out to start the car. First, I could not get the key fob to work, so I figured I would unlock it manually. I put the key in the drivers side door to unlock the car and now the key is stuck turned to the left in the door handle. I can not...
  4. Txmason

    Lawyer Needed Manteca, CA

    Howdy Bros.! I am brother Jerry Johnston from Montgomery, Texas. I have an Aunt in the hospital and her daughter is handling her affairs. My aunt might start to have kidney failure and I need help in finding her daughter (My cousin) a lawyer preferably one that is experienced in elder law, at...
  5. Txmason


    What is that? I am new to facebook
  6. Txmason


    Howdy Bros. ! I am Jerry Johnston and a photographer and I am looking to network with other fellow masons that are professional photographers. I am interested in finding a mentor to learn more photography. I had to put my dream of photography on hold while I studied and got both of my degrees...
  7. Txmason

    Masonic twitter accounts

    My Twitter account @yourreflectphot And our lodges account@SanJacintoLodge
  8. Txmason


    Don't do craigslist. Buy responsibly at adorama or best buy that way you can return it. The bro. Is right about craigslist. Don't get taken advantage of. We here want a happy Mason photographer!
  9. Txmason


    Well said brother! I didn't think of that.
  10. Txmason

    Looking to start a record collection

    Got it! I will send an email
  11. Txmason

    Looking to start a record collection

    No luck Bro. Maine Mason could you email or DM me the information please? The only thing I got came up in either Chinese or Japanese I am not sure.
  12. Txmason

    Looking to start a record collection

    I am able 25-30 mins. From Spring, Texas. I live on Lake Conroe in Bentwater. I would appreciate the website and talking/meeting the collector in person and asking questions etc.
  13. Txmason

    Looking to start a record collection

    @MaineMason Can you help guide me as far as what I need to do? Where I should look and what to buy? I went to busy buy and they recommended a receiver $500 plus speakers then an amplifier. I would like to accomplish two goals: 1. Listen to great music 2. Be able to hear the television better...
  14. Txmason

    New to Facebook

    What would you recommend?
  15. Txmason


    It's an alright deal yes but I would buy what you can afford. I would look at a refurbished nikon. But a good body an FX body that is full frame like the D610. Yes the deal you found was good, but I suspect you will want to upgrade bodies after awhile. Once you get a camera concentrate on the...