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    Movie Quote Game

    "Seven years of college down the drain."
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    Lodge Website

    Very nice, looks very professional!
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    Clash of the Clans

    Clash of the Clans is great. There's also a lot of Mason clans you can join.
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    Adults/Kids With ADD/ADHD

    I have two daughters with ADD and I think they inherited from me but I was never diagnosed. My 11 year old takes a baby dose of focallin which seems to do the trick. My sixteen year old takes adderall which works REALLY well. I hope this info helps.
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    Favorite Degree?

    FC, I was enthralled by the staircase lecture. I was moved by the fact that these men were putting on this elaborate display just for little old me. The night really changed me I think. The MM was also thrilling but I was a little more ready for it.
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    M&M's...Plain or Peanut.

    I go for the peanuts these since I'm trying to increase my protein intake.
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    I've been looking at those too, i want one you can fly by video. I always had a fascination for RC planes and copters but could never afford. Now that prices have prices are dropping, I may have to indulge myself one of these days.
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    Elks club

    My brother in law is an elk. Sounds like a hoot. More like a college frat. Sounds to me like if you really like to drink, elks is the way to go.
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    Women Freemasons

    Nope, no girls allowed!
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    What does the "Checkered Pavement" Symbolize?

    I was told it symbolizes many things, opposites in nature. Day and night, light and dark, good and evil, etc.