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    Criminal Background Check Resources

    Now, the question is... if I use the MA check site will it only look at MA-related offenses or is it national?
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    Prisoners film

    Unfortunately, it makes the wearing of the Masons ring seem more like a gimmick than a reflection of his character. I'd say the better interpretation would be that he had a troubled past and was now a detective and a Mason bc he was a better person or at least "bettering" himself. But bc he had...
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    Criminal Background Check Resources

    I agree. I have no problem with the check bc I'm clean, but I just find it odd that I'm running it on myself. If I was dishonest, I could just run one locally and not include national or use some cruddy online site. I would think it would be a lot better for the Investigation Committee to...
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    Criminal Background Check Resources

    Great. That helps immensely. Thanks!
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    Criminal Background Check Resources

    The Lodge that I'm petitioning to has requested that I run my own criminal background check as part of the application process, but I'm not sure where to start. They suggested the State Police, but I was handed an application that requires a notary public to sign and weeks to process. Any...
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    Freemasonry Stereotypes from non brothers

    I like to lean in real close, then whisper "Hail Hydra." That really confuses them. Sent From My Freemasonry Pro App
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    NDEs (Near-Death Experiences)

    Anyone have one? I've read a few books on the subject that ranged from research into the subject to personal stories of experiences when he or she was clinically dead. For me, it's fascinating that many scientists and MDs admit that our consciousness cannot be so easily defined from a purely...
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    Good Blog, then Irregular Blog

    Great points. I agree... why complicate the situation like that? You're searching for that commonality of thinking and having women in the mix brings a whole host of issues that detract from that. I don't know if this guy is trying to be overly progressive or just meet women, but it seems like...
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    Good Blog, then Irregular Blog

    Was following this blog for awhile: Has some really nice photos of Masonic paraphernalia and architecture, but then I noticed that the owner is a member of a Lodge that admits women, which he writes is Chartered from a Grand Lodge in France and not...
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    Freemasonry Stereotypes from non brothers

    I usually find that they cling to these conspiracy theories bc it's easier to blame a shadowy world dominating organization for their problems than the fact that they only really have themselves to blame. The Fundamentalist Christian hatred of Freemasonry, however, is more baffling to me, but I...
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    Freemasonry called a cult

    Whoever says this has absolutely no idea what a cult is... plain and simple. They should look up Jonestown or Scientology or the Raelians, which are the best examples. But, then again, I don't think reason or logic would probably appeal to this person. Sent From My Freemasonry Pro App
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    It's just disconcerting that this pseudoscience nonsense gets more press than the truth, or worse gets touted as the counterpoint to actual proven science. Sent From My Freemasonry Pro App
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    GL of Virginia Prohibits Transgendered Petitioners

    Re: GL of Virginia Prohibits Transgendered Petitio Oh, wow... so this individual neither qualifies as a man to be in Masonry nor qualifies as a woman to be in the Amaranth. Harsh. But, deception is just not the avenue to take. I wonder what would have happened if he had been honest? Sent...
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    Do you believe in Darwinian evolution?

    The simplest solution is to just let Nature do its thing. Less people and more habitat means more efficient sequestration of greenhouse gasses. To me, believing that we can engineer trees to be more efficient than four billion years of evolution is the height of arrogance. Sent From My...
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    GL of Virginia Prohibits Transgendered Petitioners

    Re: GL of Virginia Prohibits Transgendered Petitio Did Amaranth let her in? A tricky situation... what defines gender? Even if you had a sex change, you are still the original gender based on your chromosomes. That, however, makes a man becoming a woman trickier to define even when you say...