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    A Forum for Alchemists' discussion possibly.
  2. Mike Martin

    Greetings Brethren, from Tennessee

    Hello from England.
  3. Mike Martin


    Still no Lodges in Saudi!
  4. Mike Martin

    Greetings From The Shire of New Hamp.

    Hi and welcome to the Forum. You pretty well answered your own first question as you can't be a "born-again" anything without having been that thing first and sadly you may have a bit of a wrong idea about Manly Palmer Hall's words about Freemasonry and so I have reproduced the words of a stock...
  5. Mike Martin

    Joining The Fraternity

    So to clarify for you you. You can ask to join Freemasonry if it operates where you live and then a Lodge there may accept you into membership.
  6. Mike Martin


    Yes it is, when I first joined this was the "Masons of Texas" Forum. Welcome aboard.
  7. Mike Martin

    Mouth to ear by phone?

    Sounds like a question for your Mentor to me.
  8. Mike Martin

    Fraternal Regards from India

    You do not appear to be a genuine Freemason, for 2 reasons: 1) Any genuine Freemason knows that he can find masonic contact details, if they exist, through his own Grand Lodge and 2) Any genuine Freemason knows that it would fly in the face of genuine masonic principles to encourage people to...
  9. Mike Martin

    Esoteric Masonry

    I would counter your statement by saying that nobody has a problem with esoteric Freemasonry but what they do have is have a problem with people who wish to drag all manner of non-Masonic esoteric content into Freemasonry because it is "esoteric" with no basis in Freemasonry. I have a stock...
  10. Mike Martin

    Fraternal greetings from New York

    Hi from England
  11. Mike Martin

    Freemason Turkey-Istanbul

    Now you have confused me! If you have already asked and been told how to proceed, why are you even here? The last thing I would add to this is that it is probably going to take longer than three years for those Freemasons to get to know you if you don't actually speak their language.
  12. Mike Martin

    Freemason Turkey-Istanbul

    So what happened when you followed her instructions?
  13. Mike Martin

    Freemason Turkey-Istanbul

    Well I'm sure that your Turkish will get better the longer you live in Turkey, I'm not sure that I would live in a country without learning the language. In the meantime, and as there is absolutely no rush, you could write a letter of introduction to the Grand Secretary explaining who you are...
  14. Mike Martin

    Freemason Turkey-Istanbul

    To join the Freemasons you MUST contact the Freemasons where you actually are which you can do using their website as supplied above. Once you have made contact they will get to know you and will decide whether they will accept you into one of their Lodges. PS Freedom is not an English Lodge...