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  1. Mike Martin

    Past Master Aprons

    Of course it's similar but different again within the Metropolitan Grand Lodge of London (MetGL) as we don't have that situation of men who haven't done the Office having a "Past" rank, in fact even those who have actually held the Office in MetGL don't get to be a "Past" something.:cool::D
  2. Mike Martin

    Past Master Aprons

    Just for completeness. Under the UGLE there is no such thing as a Past Master's apron, although the term has managed to sneak into common usage. However, there is the apron of an Installed Master which is the one described above. This is worn only with the collar of the Lodge of which the IM is...
  3. Mike Martin

    Lodge in Chile

    As MarkR has mentioned your own Grand Lodge can supply you with contact information for the Grand Lodge that it recognises, there's no need to be on the Internet to make contact.
  4. Mike Martin

    The Term "Obedience" as Applied to "Masonic" Groups

    It's a term quite regularly used in Continental Europe (mainly France, Belgium and Italy) and it has come about due to the huge variety of organisations that use the descriptor "masonic". As an example in France as a man you have many choices of Grand Lodge that you may join you can join: a)...
  5. Mike Martin

    Seeking what is lost... Warrior1256 ????

    One of you guys in the States could give him a call EDIT to say, I have edited the details as requested but it took me about 2 or 3 minutes to find them.
  6. Mike Martin

    Masonic Recognition

    I don't know if you noticed but the words above seem to put an onus on you for caution when you're involved with the philosophical meetings you mentioned at the top. The rules of your Grand Lodge seem to prevent you discussing "anything that happens inside a Lodge at Labour" which means you may...
  7. Mike Martin

    Esoteric Masonry

    I've got no idea but suspect that if you message Blake Bowden the Admin he will know.
  8. Mike Martin

    Masonic Recognition

    So you've bundled various questions into the one BIG question here, I think I can help with some of it: "Clandestine" is a pretty American term when it comes to Freemasonry and each of your individual Grand Lodges decide what they consider to be clandestine and then communicate this to their...
  9. Mike Martin

    Recognition between Grand Chapters

    We do not have the "York Rite" system in England and our Supreme Grand Chapter (SGC) does not recognise other SGCs in its own right. The way it works is if the SGC that your Chapter operates under is approved by the Grand Lodge you are a member of that counts as recognised. Obviously the way...
  10. Mike Martin

    Greetings from Florida

    Hello from England.
  11. Mike Martin

    Travelers card, and Dues

    The point being to ask the Secretary of his Lodge
  12. Mike Martin

    Travelers card, and Dues

    Ask the Secretary of course.
  13. Mike Martin

    Mombasa freemasonry

    The best thing to do would be to go on to google and search for "freemasonry in kenya" then go from there.
  14. Mike Martin

    Accepted in England but living outside

    What country do you live in?
  15. Mike Martin

    Accepted in England but living outside

    There would be absolutely no point in joining a Lodge that is not in the country where you live. It may be that you misunderstand the nature of Freemasonry but you join a Lodge and then regularly attend meetings of that Lodge and other Lodges locally, this would be very difficult to do if you...