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  1. Keith C

    Inner Guard, or Sentinel

    In Pennsylvania there is no "Inner Guard. The communication with the Tyler and charge of the Outer Door is the responsibility of the Pursuivant. The Chair of Pursuivant must be filled in order to open a Lodge so there is never an absence there, someone has to take that chair in the event of...
  2. Keith C

    Petitioned to join Commandry

    Last night I went through the Order of the Red Cross. Very interesting ritual and very similar in content to a AASR NMJ Allegory I had a role in a couple years ago.
  3. Keith C

    What are your opinion on the widow sons club ?

    It seems you are somehow thinking my use of the term "Biker" is somehow derogatory. It is merely one classification of folks who ride. I have many personal friends who are "bikers" and hold nothing against them. Every one do as they wish. It just isn't MY style. From the Oxford Dictionary...
  4. Keith C

    What are your opinion on the widow sons club ?

    "Leathers?" No. "Cuts" with Patches over a t-shirt, yes. And i don't wear a racing suit, just armored pants or kevlar jeans, armored jacket, gloves and a full face helmet. I am an MSF RiderCoach and practice what I preach.
  5. Keith C

    What are your opinion on the widow sons club ?

    I have personal opinions about the "look and feel" of the WS group. But I know in PA they do good work for charity. Personally I think the "Pirate" look is not a good one, but I am sure you can tell from my Avatar I am a "Motorcyclist" not a "Biker" and I dress for safety and the elements when...
  6. Keith C

    some one asked

    It is likely pedantic but IMO you need to mention both the Modern and Ancient Grand Lodges for the statement to make sense. i.e. Would it be proper to say "The Massachusetts Bay Colony, Which became the United States of America, was established in 1630"?
  7. Keith C

    Greetings from England

    Welcome & Fraternal Greetings!
  8. Keith C

    Hello from Texas

  9. Keith C

    I have received 6 Blackballs

    Ours look just like this. But only balls, black and white. Same procedure as outlined above.
  10. Keith C


    Welcome to the Forum,
  11. Keith C

    Maine Masons

    Our Grand Secretary does great work. There is also a staff of researchers at our Grand Lodge Library who access such information quickly, since the vast majority has been digitized
  12. Keith C

    I have received 6 Blackballs

    You will likely not ne surprised that PA uses Black Balls.
  13. Keith C

    Maine Masons

    I apologize for misunderstanding the Jurisdiction you are under. My Grandfather was a Mason in Connecticut. I had no idea what Lodge he belonged to. I asked my Secretary how best to find his Masonic history and her said the "Official" way would likely take several months. He said "Just send...
  14. Keith C

    Maine Masons

    The way I read your post, you are a Freemason under the Grand Lodge of Maine and are seeking information on the Masonic History of your relatives. What "Official Channels" have you tried? Has the Secretary of your Lodge contacted the Secretary of Rabboni Lodge No 150? Has he contacted the Grand...
  15. Keith C

    New (Texas) York Rite Companion...

    For me the best way to learn was by doing. Go to every ritual Instruction your Chapter and Capitular District holds. Volunteer to take a chair in Degrees and inform your MEHP, King and Scribe that you are willing to hold an appointed chair when they are looking to fill the chairs. Attend as...