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  1. Keith C

    Hello from an Australian moving to Houston

    As with most things Masonic the answer is "It depends." Typically here in the States a Dues Card is sufficient, but a 'Travelling Letter" is like a "Belt and Sunspenders", i.e. extra insurance in case of questions. It is pretty much mandatory going from Country to country.
  2. Keith C

    Mentally Ill Poster

    Of the 5 administrators listed 2 have been on recently, one yesterday moring and one Sunday. The other 3 haven't been on in MONTHS. Just an FYI.
  3. Keith C

    Mentally Ill Poster

    I think I am happy I missed whatever unhinged response was posted via the judicious use of the "ignore" feature!
  4. Keith C

    Mentally Ill Poster

    I agree, I reported the posts then ignored. If the assigned moderator(s) need help those of us who check in regularly would, no doubt, be willing to assist.
  5. Keith C


    "Freemason as a Boss" makes me think of Harry Truman, President of the United States and at that time Past Grand Master of Masons of Missouri. He attended Lodge in DC as President and the Worshipful Master of that Lodge was the White House Gardener. By all accounts Truman treated the Gardener...
  6. Keith C

    Philly area Lodges

    There are numerous Lodges that meet in the Masonic Temple in Philadelphia. My Lodge is aproximately 30 miles North of Center City Philadelphia and our Stated Meetings are the 2nd Wednesday of each month at 7:00pm, Dinner served at 6:00pm. I see you are from NJ, if you attend a Lodge here in...
  7. Keith C

    GL of PA New Logo

    I am decidedly NOT a fan, nor is anyone I have discussed it with in my Lodge. Ours is not to reason why!
  8. Keith C

    AASR NMJ Past Commander David Glattly Speaks Out

    Wow. Dave Glattley was the Honoree of the Class when I joined AASR-NMJ at the Valley of Allentown, PA. I have rarely encountered a more friendly and entusiastic Mason.
  9. Keith C

    What unit are you in your shrine?

    That is wonderfull work Brother. I think I will give some thought to Joining, knowing that is an option. I really have no great interest in the Parade things, etc, but this type of service has great appeal. As you are a Member at Lulu I have n doubt that we must have at least a few mutual...
  10. Keith C

    Brethren May I Introduce, & let us contemplate together

    IMO, Nor the Work of the Fellowcraft, nor Entered Apprentice.
  11. Keith C

    Happy Feast of St John!

    Happy St. John's Day Winter. As an FYI here in the "We do things differenly" Commonwealth of Pennsylvania we venerate ONLY St. John the Evangelist in our Rituals. There is no "Holy Saints John", only "Holy Saint John." As such St. John The Evangelist Day is when newly Elected and Installed...
  12. Keith C

    Please pray for those in crisis

    You will be in my prayers.
  13. Keith C

    New York Mayor Eric Adams Made a Prince Hall Mason

    Recent events make the optics of this much less auspicious.
  14. Keith C

    'Dinner With A Civil War Soldier' in Gettysburg Next Sunday

    Wow this sounds fantastic! Sorry I didn't learn of it sooner or I would have planned to attend. My Daughter and her family live in nearby Chambersburg, which has its own Civil War Historic event and she was married in a Church that served as a Confederate Hospital during the battle. I will...
  15. Keith C

    Fraternal greetings from The Netherlands

    Welcome to the forum, Brother.