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Ian Niswonger

I am presently an I.T. Professional. My career is extremely important to me, so I spend a great deal of my time trying to learn new things to make my day to day life easier, more productive, and more efficient.

I am also a martial artist. I study Shaolin Wing Chun Kung Fu, and I train every day to better myself and my skills. As an assistant instructor I have the opportunity to help others along their Kung Fu Journey as well.

While I may get dirty working on computers, or working on the mats, I love to get cleaned up and look my best. Suits & ties are my friends, and we get off well together.

I started my journey into Freemasonry in 2015 because I wanted to get to know my Great Grandfather a little better. As I started upon the path I realized that Masonry may contain what I needed to become the better man that I wanted to be, and so now, here I am, learning to be a just and upright Mason.
Sep 18, 1993 (Age: 28)
Richmond, IN
Home Lodge
Camden Lodge 159
Grand Lodge
Grand Lodge of Ohio
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I.T. Professional | Warrior | ∴




Ian L. Niswonger ∴
Ohio, Camden Lodge #159
Initiated - 05/4/2015
Passed - 12/19/2016
Raised - 04/17/2017



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