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Hamish F

Hamish enjoys operating effectively as part of a team, as well as having the ability to competently coordinate a team. A confident communicator with well-developed management skills and high standards makes him a competent professional.
With a well-developed background in small and large business management. Hamish has worked as a farm manager on a small 1100 cow dairy farm in New Zealand, to Saudi Arabia as assistant farm manager for 20000 dairy cows & 600 staff for the past 5 years.(Almarai)
This involved dealing with financial reports, systems and cultures as well as with human resource management daily. Any of these - coordinate, lead, train, develop, commitment to continuous quality improvement, OH&S?
Over the past 3 years, Hamish took a deep dive into the financial sector, placing great emphasis on education and mentorship, leading to substantial financial literacy. A fast learner, Hamish surrounded himself with likeminded people, which has helped him to make smart investments and develop a diversified portfolio. His passion for business and finance has made him a valuable asset to date.
His honest, respectful nature gives him the ability to approach situations with an open mind in a rational and calm way.
In the early 2001 Hamish was trained in the NZDF as a chef, where he gained London City & Guilds 7061/7062 accredited, and continued in the industry for 5 years.
Hamish has a great appetite for the outdoor lifestyle. He is a world traveller with a passion for photography and fine quisine, he will be found cooking up a storm or watching the All Blacks win.
Aug 4, 1983 (Age: 40)