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  1. Flatworlder

    Knights of columbus?

    This is certainly a very deep subject.
  2. Flatworlder

    Knights of columbus?

    I do know the History... and I am still reading more.. and the majority of this information does make me question certain things..Thats all I will say now, I don't want to stir up controversy.
  3. Flatworlder

    Canadian 2011-2012 Membership Statistics

    So the question remains how does one begin to bring the numbers back up, properly of course.
  4. Flatworlder

    Knights of columbus?

    I do know of a story of a fellow brother taking classes to be baptized as Catholic only to be turned away during the beginning of the class. During the registration for this class my fellow brother wore his masonic ring, and the receptionist noticed it. She had kept quiet and wrote to the...
  5. Flatworlder

    How Dark Were the Dark Ages?

    With my luck.. id be Lower cast.. if I was to go back in time.
  6. Flatworlder

    How Dark Were the Dark Ages?

    The Dark Ages is only a label.. Should be revisited..
  7. Flatworlder


    Id love to get one and incorporate it into geography mapping overlays. G.I.S.
  8. Flatworlder

    Canadian 2011-2012 Membership Statistics

    It would seem so..
  9. Flatworlder

    Personal Masonic Library

    I have made it a game finding books. I live in an area where thrift stores and used books stores are abound. I usually luck out once in a while and find a treasure or two.
  10. Flatworlder

    American Pickers

    Ive come across old Shriners group photos... I was tempted to buy them.
  11. Flatworlder

    Installed As an Officer

    I have just been given the chance to be the Senior Deacon second time in a row. My last run at the position I must admit I was a bit over whelmed. Now the second time around I should be ok, knowing what to expect...
  12. Flatworlder

    Wearing the S&C in Public

    Hmmm interesting.. How are we to know they are who they say they are? Lol. Sounds like a great way to aquire cool clothing and jewellery..
  13. Flatworlder

    Robin Williams

    What dreams may come.. Always seems to have another layer of meaning each time I watch it...
  14. Flatworlder

    Wearing the S&C in Public

    What a great way to get to know each other, the business cards definitely would make me want to visit neighbouring Lodges.. and keep the spirit alive.
  15. Flatworlder

    Looking to build a Network with any Brothers in the Hydraulic Hose and Fittings Industry.

    Ok.. after working in this industry.. Im ready to understand why no one else is in it.. lol. TIme to search for something more mentally stimulating.