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    Still working on this in my section of the state Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-N900A using My Freemasonry mobile app
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    My name is Daniel Sells III former clandestine from c. H. Gerald #419 Dallas Texas now healed into Fredrick Douglas #111 PHA Mwphglotx and its jurisdiction in Tyler Texas! This forum was the first to teach me about regularity and legitimacy in Freemasonry and I am proud to be a regular mason...
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    Awesome bro book. I'm getting started myself soon. I'm just waiting on the investigation committee now.
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    I found this
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    Ok we will try to link up
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    Cblack hey its Bro sells from Tyler. How have you been
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    They have nothing else to do but try to tie nonsense to their beliefs and tell us that they know more than we do about Freemasonry
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    There is another fanatic going on about baptism and serpents heads... Smh
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    Can I change my username?

    I got it thanks
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    Brothers on PSN.

    Airmansells psn
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    I have a son that was born June 24th!

    I will thank you all for the commebts Freemason Connect Mobile
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    I am an avid ps3 player and my gamertag is airmansells I play cod black ops 2 and am working on a few other games. I'm not on as much since my son was just born, but add me anyways Freemason Connect Mobile
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    I have a son that was born June 24th!

    Thanks I'm a dad now it's still hard to believe but it feels great Freemason Connect Mobile
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    I have a son that was born June 24th!

    I am now a proud dad that has an amazing son. I just thought I would love to share this with my brothers on this forum. Freemason Connect Mobile