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California Master

Raised in South Houston on 8/12/1978. Past Mater of Western Star #2 (2008). Affiliated with Reading Lodge #254 in Redding, CA. Have been a member of Scottish Rite and Shrine for over 30 years.
Redding, CA
Home Lodge
Western Star #2 and South Houston #1295
Grand Lodge
Inspector District 204, California
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Appendant Organizations
  1. Scottish Rite
  2. Shrine
  3. York Rite


Mike Moffat, 32
Raised in South Houston #1295 A.F. & A.M., South Houston, TX
Endowed Life Member of South Houston #1295
Past Master of Western Star #2 F. & A.M., Shasta, CA
Reading Lodge #254 F. & A.M., Redding, CA
Inspector (DDGM) of 206th Masonic District of California
Ben Ali Shrine Temple, Sacramento, CA
Sacramento Scottish Rite
Cascade Scottish Rite Club
Royal Arch Chapter #9, Redding, CA
Charter Member of Shasta Craftsmen Chapter Widow's Sons Motorcycle Club